Unbelievable - Dry Fusion

Quick action carpet spot and stain remover suitable for use on most carpet types.

Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and households to have on hand to tackle a wide spectrum of stains including grease and oil, protein based stains (gravy, eggs, blood etc) and some acidic, tannin and tea/coffee based stains.

Apply undiluted to the affected area by either pouring or trigger spray and agitate with fingers. After leaving to activate for 1 minute use a wet, clean white towel to sponge the solution to the centre of the stain. Rinse the towel and use it to clean off any stain and spotter residues to prevent wick back. If necessary repeat the application process 2-3 times to remove all stain traces.

Important: Before use, wear impervious chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses with side-shields.

  • Safe to use on wool - ph neutral formulation will not damage carpet fibres
  • Removes a wide range of stains reducing cleaning inventory and saving money
  • Includes a protective stain blocker ensuring stains are less prone to reoccur
  • pH: 7.0 - 8.0